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I know, not very original, but boy have I found a yummy all Organic ice cream to scream about.

Living in  Berkeley, California avails me to many local family owned food companies, and I am here to rave about my new found favorite ice cream company called ThreeTwins. Naturally I went nuts when an actual ThreeTwins ice cream store opened in Marin County conveniently en route to my almost daily commute, but its ice cream can be found in the frozen foods section of Whole Foods too, don’t you fret! Check them out at www.threetwinsicecream.com.

My two fave flave’s: Bittersweet Chocolate  and Mocha Difference.  Lemon Cookie I hear is all the buzz too, though I have yet to try it.

*Stay tuned for a follow up post sharing my favorite non-dairy cold treat alternative!