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A few months ago I wrote about ThreeTwins, my favorite local and organic ice cream brand, and I’m here to follow up with one of my favorite frozen treats. While fall has officially begun, we Northern Californians are experiencing a sweet treat of our own (otherwise known as Indian summer). What better time to post about a yummy cold dessert than on a day that’s hitting ninety degrees?

Dark Chocolate Almond Covered Creamy Coconut from FrutStix

I can’t take the credit for this delicious discovery. That goes to the little boys I nanny for who introduced me to this favorite of theirs one day. Leave it to kids to give you the low down on sweets. What I was especially amazed at while we sat around the table eating was the pure silence! No one spoke a word as we enjoyed every bite. For all you parents out there, the idea of silence might be music to your ears.

The products are by a company called FrutStix. My favorite is the chocolate and almond covered coconut ice cream bar as pictured to the right. And while this bar does contain dairy, the company does have a line of fruit and juice bars which are dairy-free.  So be sure to check it out and read labels if you are seeking a non-dairy alternative.

Please feel free to leave your comments as to what healthy sweet treats you’ve been indulging in to keep cool! We would love to hear from you, and welcome more sweetness in our lives.