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SF Embarcadero

Nancy and I spent a sunny Saturday strolling the Embarcadero Farmers’ Market, taking in nature’s abundance and variety while feeling connected to community in a way that isn’t always easy in large cities like San Francisco. Having spent her early childhood in China, Nancy told me how she feels nostalgic at farmers’ markets since they remind her of the shopping trips through outdoor markets that she took with her grandmother as a child. Growing up in a large metropolis like Shanghai, the only time Mother Nature presented herself was through the variety of produce and livestock at the marketplace.

The city living we’re accustomed to often shelters us to the point that we feel like we exist independently from nature, rather than living in a state of interdependence. Farmers’ markets brings our interdependence with nature to the forefront, awakening us to a reality that we’re not always as aware of as we should be.

One thing we took notice of was just how different the experience of shopping is at a farmers’ market in comparison to grocery stores. The individuality of fruits and vegetables are celebrated by farmers, while large grocery stores often discard perfectly good fruits and veggies to maintain an artificial standard of uniformity. Here, we could find a tall wide squash sitting next to a small oddly shaped one, each at home with the other.

Nature’s sensory variety is part of the nourishment it yields.

We’d love for you to share your farmers’ market experiences and how you support local and organic!

-SM & NZ