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We made it through the holiday season, with its variety of emotions and associations that tend to arise, some more challenging than others. Everyone has a different experience and relationship to this time of year, notice how it changes over time. I’ve experienced this for myself, each year carrying with it a slightly different texture and quality than the previous. Whether you fled the country, gathered with friends and family or did something entirely different, take notice of the psycho-spiritual lessons you are dealing with and where you are in your personal process among this greater unfolding. Sometimes we have the experience of remaining stuck, however as the old proverbial tells us, “you can never step in the same water twice”.

If you find yourself dealing with family of origin issues, as can be especially triggered by this time of year, be kind and gentle with yourself. These family systems have a deeply embedded narrative that unravel over generations. Healing has its own time and process. I believe the healing is in the way we react. Having compassion and kindness for oneself can be a radical difference. The New Year with its energy of renewal, shifts, and beginnings, can be a shedding process, an unraveling of that which no longer serves us and an opening to deeper layers of truth.

Here are a few things that help me re-ground and re-connect to myself anytime of year, especially during the post-holiday season. As always, find what works for you.

 Post-Holiday Hangover Self-care/Survival tips:

  1. Back to Basics- I’ve been finding much value and growth in a daily routine, maybe I’m just getting older; nonetheless, there is a grounding quality that comes with taking care of our basic needs.  Stocking the fridge with nutritious foods, sleeping 8 hours a night, moderate exercise, and drinking water are a few.  When I’m feeling good, I’m able to handle what comes my way with more ease.
  2. Pay Attention- Who’s running the show here? Take notice of the running dialogue in your head-the talk radio as it’s sometimes referred to. Meditation practices are really helpful for cultivating awareness and catching ourselves from identifying and running with our thoughts and beliefs. Paying attention creates space which can be a difference in our normal ways of operating.
  3. Nurture your mind, body, soul- whether it be singing, dancing, yoga, writing a love letter, or sitting in a steaming bath of nourishing bath salts, take time to connect with yourself. It is not uncommon for people in my life to point out how I love to pamper myself (which is true), and while we may call it pampering, it’s an act of connecting with oneself and nurturing.
  4. Finding and connecting to your tribe- Finding a community of like-minded souls with whom you share interests, life experiences, values, a shared philosophy. Connecting with people who just  get you on a deep level is important to feeling grounded here on earth. These connections have brought me healing, meaning, and a sense of belonging, and returning to these connections can be incredibly validating.