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Winter dryness can be harmful for your skin and hair. My knuckles become dry and itchy, and my hair develops knots and split ends more easily…until I started using Argan oil.

Made from the kernel of the Argan tree, the Moroccan Argan oil is extracted from a cold-pressed process by hand. Renowned for its anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and sun-protective properties, Argan oil is rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin E that are great for reducing scars and wrinkles.

Once applied to hair and skin, it is virtually odorless so it is great for those who want a fragrance-free option. Argan oil is considered a dry oil, so it absorbs quickly without being greasy. It hydrates hair and skin protecting it from the split ends and cracking. I apply a few drops on my wet hair after shower to prevent split ends as a form of conditioner. I also use it on areas of my skin that are prone to dryness such as my knuckles and knees. I simply apply a few drops of oil to my body moisturizer before application.

Note: Argan oil is sensitive to light so it should be stored in a cool area in a dark glass bottle.

How do you use Argan oil? I would love to hear from everyone!