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With summer in full force and everyone running outside in search of their sun-kissed tan, the risk of sunburn and skin damage is even higher. Here are some tips that can help you keep your skin healthy and young while still getting a beautiful tan.

1. Start slow 

Your tan comes from the melanin produced by your cells that gives you the skin’s dark pigmentation. It tasked time for your cells to increase melanin production, so the best way to protect your skin and get a tan is to limit your initial day of tanning to less than an hour ( or 15 minutes if you have a fair skin).

2. Protect your face and eye area

The skin on your face and around your eyes are the thinnest and most sensitive to sun damage. Be sure to wear plenty of sunblock and wear sunglasses and hats to protect your eyes. The best protection for your skin is covering and shades, rather than just using sunblock.

3. Get plenty of omega-3

We all know the importance of staying hydrated, but did you know that omega 3 is key to keeping your skin staying supple and hydrated when exposed to the sun? It also prevents your skin from developing wrinkles and irritation (such as redness). Foods such as fish and nuts are high in omega-3. You can also take fish oil or cod liver oil supplements.

Happy summer everyone!