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Doing a detox or a cleanse in the new year? One great substitution for sugar and/or caffeine is the energy-boosting goji berry. Native to China, this reddish orange berry has long been used in Chinese medicine and food for its powerful nutritional benefits.

herbal20tea20with20goji20berriesA randomized, placebo-controlled study showed drinking goji juice significantly improved energy level, mental acuity and your sleep cycle.

Goji berries are sold in their dry form available at most health food stores. You can consume them either as is (like raisins), or brew them to make a tea. Since goji berries are naturally sweet, I don’t use any sweetener.

Goji berry tea Instructions:

  • Bring two cups of filtered water to a boil and pour the boiled water into a tea pot.
  • Add a half cup of goji berries and let the tea steep for 15 minutes.
  • To get all the goji juice into the tea, use a spoon to press on the goji berries.
  • Strain as you would a regular tea.
  • Option to add lemon slices to your tea if desired.
  • Serve the tea hot or chilled!